Raw Natural King Size Slim


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Raw Natural King Size Slim is a type of rolling paper that is made from all-natural, unbleached, and unrefined plant fibers, including hemp and flax. These papers are longer and slimmer than traditional rolling papers, measuring approximately 110mm in length and 44mm in width.

One of the key features of Raw Natural King Size Slim papers is their thinness, which makes them easy to roll and ensures that they burn slowly and evenly. They are also free from any added chemicals, such as chlorine or other additives, which ensures a pure smoking experience.

These papers come in a pack of 32 leaves and are designed to fit most standard king size rolling machines. They have a light tan color and a slightly rough texture, which helps to grip the tobacco or herb and prevent it from slipping or sliding around during the rolling process.

Overall, Raw Natural King Size Slim papers are a popular choice for smokers who value all-natural and unrefined smoking products that provide a clean and authentic smoking experience.