OCB Premiums King Size Slim Rolling Papers



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  • OCB Premiums King Size Slim Rolling Papers are a high-quality, ultra-thin rolling paper designed for smokers who prefer a longer, slimmer smoking experience. These rolling papers are made from pure, natural flax paper and use a 100% natural Arabic gum that is both vegan-friendly and eco-friendly.The King Size Slim size of these rolling papers makes them perfect for rolling longer, skinnier cigarettes that burn slowly and evenly. They are also extremely lightweight and easy to roll, making them ideal for novice smokers.

    OCB Premiums King Size Slim Rolling Papers come in a pack of 32, and each rolling paper measures 110mm in length and 44mm in width. They have a slow and even burn rate and produce a clean, smooth smoking experience.

    Overall, these rolling papers are an excellent choice for smokers who value high-quality, natural smoking products that are easy to use and produce a great smoking experience.