OCB King Cone Bamboo 3 Pack



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OCB King Cone Bamboo 3 Pack is a set of three pre-rolled cones made of natural and sustainable bamboo fiber. Each cone is designed to hold a large amount of dry herb and is free of any harmful chemicals or additives.

The cones have a unique shape, with a larger opening at the top and a narrow base, allowing for easy filling and a smooth smoking experience. They are also slow-burning, which means you can enjoy your herb for longer without constantly having to light it up.

The OCB King Cone Bamboo 3 Pack is perfect for those who want a convenient and eco-friendly way to smoke their dry herb. The cones are easy to use and dispose of, and their natural bamboo construction makes them a great choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Overall, the OCB King Cone Bamboo 3 Pack is a high-quality and sustainable option for anyone who enjoys smoking dry herb.