Elements King Size Slim Size Rolling Papers



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Elements King Size Slim Rolling Papers are high-quality rolling papers that are made from rice paper and natural sugar gum. These papers are designed to provide a smooth and even burn, which enhances the smoking experience.

The papers are ultra-thin, lightweight, and translucent, giving you a clear view of your herbs while you roll. They are also slow-burning, which means that you can enjoy a longer smoking session without having to constantly relight.

Each pack of Elements King Size Slim Rolling Papers contains 33 leaves, and each leaf measures approximately 110mm in length and 44mm in width. These papers are perfect for those who prefer a larger rolling paper and are looking for a premium smoking experience.

Overall, Elements King Size Slim Rolling Papers are a top-quality choice for those who are looking for a high-quality rolling paper that is easy to use, burns evenly, and enhances the taste of your herbs.