Elements 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers



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Elements 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers are thin, lightweight, and made from natural rice paper. These rolling papers are designed to be used with tobacco or legal smoking herbs and are popular among smokers who prefer a clean and pure smoking experience.

These papers measure 77mm x 44mm and are slightly larger than traditional 1 1/4 size rolling papers, which makes them perfect for rolling larger cigarettes or for those who like a little extra paper to work with. They are also ultra-thin, making them almost transparent, which allows for a better taste experience and reduces the chances of the paper altering the flavor of the tobacco or herbs.

Elements 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers have a natural sugar gum that is derived from African acacia trees, which means they are completely vegan and eco-friendly. The gum is designed to stick easily and securely, making rolling a breeze, and ensuring that your smoking experience is hassle-free.

Overall, Elements 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers are a great choice for those who want a clean and natural smoking experience with a minimal impact on the environment.