Trichadelics X The Firm – Banana Cannons 90u Cold Cure 2g


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The Trichadelics X The Firm Banana Cannons 90u Cold Cure is a cannabis product that focuses on delivering a potent and flavorful experience. This product is a result of a collaboration between Trichadelics and The Firm, two entities known for their expertise in the cannabis industry. The “90u” in the name refers to the micron size of the hash, which is a measure of the particle size used in the extraction process, indicating a high-quality and refined product. The “Cold Cure” refers to the method of curing the hash, which is done at lower temperatures to preserve the terpene profile and potency of the cannabis strain. This product is likely to offer a strong and unique flavor profile, along with a significant psychoactive effect due to its high THC content. The Banana Cannons strain, as mentioned in the provided context, is an indica dominant hybrid . It is created by crossing the Banana and OG Kush strains, resulting in a flavor profile that is remarkably similar to its name.  Users of Banana Cannons can expect a relaxing body high and a flavor that is reminiscent of bananas, making it an enjoyable choice for consumption at any time of the day.