805HasFire – Grape Stank


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The Grape Stank cannabis strain is a pungent hybrid born from the genetic cross between Garlic Grove and Grape Gasoline, masterfully crafted by Compound Genetics. This heavy-hitting strain boasts a stoney, heady high that quickly envelops your mind with a lifted sense of cerebral euphoria, only to transition into a deeply relaxing body high that locks you down to the couch with an immovable sense of calm.  Grape Stank is aptly named for its complex aroma, which combines sweet berries with sour citrus and spicy black pepper undertones. Its buds are dense, purple, and showcase a wide array of hues from violet to amethyst. The flavor is equally complex, offering a unique blend of grape and garlic notes, thanks to its diverse gene pool that includes Jet Fuel Gelato, Grape Pie, GMO, and Orange Apricot. In summary, Grape Stank is a powerful hybrid strain that delivers a potent, stoney high accompanied by a complex and enticing flavor profile, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs seeking both relief and an immersive sensory experience.