805HasFire – Divine Kush Breath


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Divine Kush Breath is an indica-dominant strain that comes from a heavenly cross between Platinum Kush Breath and Divine Gelato #3. This strain is a divine creation that brings the best of both worlds with a gelato-forward nose and creamy undertones from its Divine Gelato lineage, while also offering the soothing, anxiety-busting power of its Platinum Kush Breath parent.  With its unique combination of terpenes, including Caryophyllene and Pinene, Divine Kush Breath provides an intense full-body high that makes you feel weightless. The aroma profile of this strain is a delight, with scents of pine and gasoline on the inhale and a sweet, vanilla-tinged exhale that rounds out the experience. In summary, Divine Kush Breath is a strain that offers a perfect balance of relaxation and uplift, making it ideal for those looking to unwind without being weighed down by the usual sedative effects of an indica.