805HasFire – Cherry Freshies


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Cherry Freshies is a delightful cannabis strain that combines the sweetness of Cherry Pie with the unique flavors of Cookies and Cream, resulting in a cherry-forward aroma that’s hard to resist. This strain is an indica/sativa hybrid, offering a balanced high that’s perfect for those seeking both mental stimulation and physical relaxation.  The buds of Cherry Freshies are dense and showcase a wide array of hues, from violet to amethyst, further enhancing the strain’s appeal. The flavor profile is equally captivating, with a complex mix of sweet cherries and creamy undertones, thanks to its diverse gene pool that includes Jet Fuel Gelato, Cherry Pie, GMO, and Orange Apricot. This strain is a testament to the innovative breeding techniques in the cannabis world, offering a unique and satisfying experience for both novice and seasoned users.